Creativity is Blooming

All over the hillsides of Mt.Diablo, and across the foothills and valleys, the wildflowers are blooming. Reaching, stretching, twisting, they pursue only one goal: the complete fulfillment of their creative expression.  If there is any sense of awareness within a flower, or any concept of choice, then they uniformly choose to burst forth with the ultimate vision of themselves. If there is no awareness, or any contemplation, then we can conclude that nature’s design is to express the full creative potential of organisms. 

We expect flowers to unfold in the spring, and reveal their hidden beauty for just a moment. We know the oaks will grow, the redwoods will reach, the bees will buzz, the hawks will soar. Even if a flower is never seen by an observer, or sampled by a bee, it exists to achieve its peak expression. This expression is part of the vast display of nature’s creative force.

From the nematodes to the giant sequoias, every organism’s expression is a wisp of color on the canvas of creation. Every expression is the weight on a scale, evenly balanced by an opposite and equal force of creation.  Everything exists as part of the vast continuum of creation. The extremes of creation bookend a vast variety of structure and organization that fit together as the single force of life. We are bound by and descended from the same initial spark of creation, and all hold the energy of that spark within us. 

For all the reasons a flower blooms, the most important reason is that it is designed to reach the peak of its potential. The flower is driven to express, as are the twisted oaks on the hillside. The blades of grass grow according to plan, as do the fennel, and the manzanita. All natural things strive to reach the peak of their expression, before they withdraw and return to where they came from, taking with them the experience of their transformation. 

There are times when organisms delay their creative expression, simply because the right conditions do not exist. In nature, that might mean fewer flowers because of drought, fire, or some other environmental condition. But an unfulfilled nature is flat, dull and stressed.

The moment conditions return to a satisfactory level, the organisms carry on with their mission. There is never the desire or intention to stay in the state of potential. There is only the overwhelming desire to live and express, for as long as the moment lasts. 

If we look at the nature all around us and see the creativity in every leaf, wing, tooth and branch, then we can know it’s our nature too. Every cell and structure within us is the result of creativity on an unknowable scale. We are made, like all of nature, to express ourselves creatively. How can we look at a hillside covered with wildflowers and not know that we have that potential within us too?

Our thoughts and actions can create the landscapes that provide beauty and sustenance to others. Like all of nature, we are designed this way.  We are all balancing on the cosmic scale of life. On one side is our potential, and on the other side is our expression. We can choose to feel flat, dull and stressed. Or, we can set free the natural creative force within us and balance our scale. 

Photo Gallery: Mt. Diablo Fire Zone

These images were taken approximately 5 months after the Morgan wildfire in Mt. Diablo State Park