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Round Valley Regional Preserve Hike

Hike in Round Valley Regional Preserve


The sprawling open space of Round Valley Regional Preserve was once home to native americans. It was eventually used as a ranch, and later sold to the East Bay Parks in 1988. This time of year, the rolling hills around the park are lush and green. We'll take the Miwok Trail to the Hardy Canyon Trail, and hike the rolling hills through oak groves and buckeyes. If we're lucky, there will still be water running through the streams. On these trails, I've seen Audubon cottontails and California ground squirrels, which are food for the nesting golden eagles that live here. The climb up the Hardy Canyon Trail is challenging, so be aware. We'll be hiking up hill for a few miles. The trail will give us great views of the valley behind the park, and we'll stop occasionally to enjoy the views, hydrate and snack. The hike is 4.66 miles. Be prepared with plenty of water, food, and good footwear. We'll be in full sun at times during this hike, so wear a hat and bring sunscreen. There is good parking here, and a bathroom. I will give a presentation on hiking safety at 9:30 if you can get there early.

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