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Marsh Creek 8 "Big Bend" Family Hike

Join Save Mount Diablo on a walking tour of our new acquisition, Marsh Creek 8. Fondly referred to as “Big Bend”, this 51 acre property captures the meandering Marsh Creek riparian corridor as it dissects the landscape into three distinct floodplains. The property also boasts beautiful blue oak uplands with fantastic views of the mountain. The 3 mile hike will be moderately paced with very little elevation gain, approximately 300 ft. Prepare for warm weather! Please bring plenty of water and snacks and wear appropriate clothing, a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen!

RSVP to or 925 947 3535

Leader: Paul Salemme

Meet: 14350 Marsh Creek Rd. east of Clayton. Directions: The 14350 Marsh Creek Rd property driveway is 3.6 miles east of the intersection with Morgan Territory Road, and 3.2 miles west of the intersection with Deer Valley Road. East of Aspara and Gill Roads, the canyon will widen out on the south, you'll pass a large faded green barn, and a large flat area along the creek will come into view--right as you're about to pass the driveway. It's the first, westernmost of two side by side straight, north-south driveways. Look for a Save Mount Diablo sign; no reliable cell phone signal and Google maps will send you too far west.

Fee: No fee

RSVP to or 925 947 3535