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Corporate Wellness

Movement, Meditation and Nature

Onsite Programs

Functional Movement + Guided Meditation

In this class, participants experience a Functional Movement workout, working and stretching the body in all three planes of motion. Following the workout, participants enjoy a deep and relaxing guided meditation designed to reduce stress and build energy, creativity and well-being. 

Guided Meditation 

Guided meditation programs are guided journeys, designed to relax participants, and help build their creative and collaborative capacities. Guided meditations begin with stretching and breathing exercises, and participants learn how to build their own meditation practice through consistent effort. 

Nature Programs

Being in nature has proven health benefitsexpands creativity and builds rapport among teams.  

The Find Your Trail Corporate Wellness program offers the following activities to corporate groups, non-profits and other teams:

Guided hikes for health and wellness

These hikes are designed to build strength, balance (physical and mental) and reduce stress. Small groups are guided and trained on local trails, and we exercise and explore the local environment. We return feeling energized and revitalized.

Guided hikes for creative breakthroughs

 In this program, teams are led through a creative workshop as we hike on local trails. Teams are instructed on how to use nature as an inspiration for problem solving, creativity and relationships. As a Certified California Naturalist, I lead walks that help participants understand nature's patterns and strategies. Nature has solved many of the problems we are trying to address. Biomimicry is the process of understanding what we can learn from nature, and applying it to our own challenges in work and life. 

Guided hikes for coaching

 Using the principles of Strategic Intervention, team members learn how to use the challenge of hiking as a metaphor for growth and self-development.  As we challenge ourselves in nature, we grow and become more confident. This strength and confidence carries over to our lives and careers. This program is ideal for individuals and small teams. Participants develop leadership skills, self-reliance and a better understanding of nature and themselves.

Leading a naturalist hike in Mount Diablo State Park

Leading a naturalist hike in Mount Diablo State Park

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