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Life Coaching


Meaning and Contribution

What do you want out of life?

That is a question we often don't ask ourselves on a consistent basis. Yet, we sometimes feel restless, and long for something vague and undefined. We might look at our situation and feel stuck, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. The trail to our future might appear hazy or blocked by an insurmountable obstacle.


In her book, The 5 Regrets of the Dying, Palliative Nurse Bronnie Ware identified the most common regret of people facing the end of their life was: 

I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

Are you living a life true to yourself, your dreams and your goals, or are you following a path chosen for you by the expectations and demands of others?  

Perhaps you're not where you want to be physically, or emotionally, and that has impacted your deepest relationships.

Change in all of us starts when we change our own minds. To make any kind of change within ourselves, we must first believe we can change, and then believe the change will be worth it.  


What I do

I help people make powerful and lasting change in their lives. I believe we all have the resources and strength within ourselves to change anything, but sometimes we allow ourselves to be blocked by limiting and self defeating beliefs.  

Through a process that incorporates hiking, conversation and a proven coaching methodology, I help you eliminate your limiting beliefs, unconscious fears and doubts and help you find a trail that will take you where you want to go.  

You will:

  • Get clarity on your own life's purpose and mission
  • Learn how to eliminate negative and self defeating thoughts that stop you from starting to live the life you want
  • Live with grace, purpose and passion, confident that you are living the life you want to live
  • Appreciate every moment in life, and learn how to be fully present in every encounter
  • Be physically strong, agile and able to experience what you want in life

Nature opens the mind, body and spirit, and is an excellent place to experience breakthroughs and creative inspiration.



Imagine waking up every morning knowing that today is going to be spent doing exactly what you want to do with your life, and getting paid to do it.

Imagine feeling physically strong and healthy, mentally sharp, and emotionally accessible.   

Imagine respecting yourself, being a role model and mentor, giving and contributing in a way you were meant to, and in a way that is unique and fulfilling to you.  

 Only you can make the decision to change, and only you can follow through.  It's easy to give up, and live a life of regret. It's easy to listen to and believe the cynics and doubters. It's also easy to change. Change can happen in an instant, and then your life will never be the same.  

 "Paul has a natural talent for being a coach. He helped me to embrace my strengths, move beyond my obstacles and accomplish crucial milestones to help me move closer towards my goal of starting my own business. I certainly would not be where I am today without his guidance and support!"


Ready for Change? 

"Find Your Trail" is a coaching and training program designed to help you build your body and mind to peak levels, and approach life with determination, passion and enthusiasm.

This program is ideal for people looking to transform themselves and find their own trail in life. The emphasis is on healthy living, trail exercise, and personal development. The program will build a stronger, more confident and well balanced person. 

I incorporate hiking in to this program because it's an excellent way to improve your overall healthinspire insight and creativityand reduce your stress level. 

I focus on helping people achieve a level of fitness, purpose and meaning that will allow them to experience everything life has to offer.

How the program works

The foundation of everything you do in life is your physical body.  If you are not healthy and strong, everything else in your life suffers.  

I will work with you to build your body to the highest levels of strength and fitness. Through a combination of nutrition, strength training and hiking, your body will be built up to operate the way nature intended.  You will be strong, flexible, alert, and energized.  Hiking challenges your body's proprioception, and you'll find that your mind and senses become much more alert on the trail. You'll reawaken that primitive brain that survived and thrived in the ancient forests.                                                                                                                                                   

Who I work with

I work with people who are:

  • Open and ready for real change in their lives
  • Ready to take action, and committed to the process
  • Seeking to make a real transformation in their lives, and willing to work for change
  • Searching for a way to grow and contribute, and live with a deep sense of purpose and mission

Tools I use  

Strategic Intervention

I am certified in Strategic Intervention from Robbins Madanes Training.  Strategic Intervention is a project dedicated to extracting the most useful and successful forms of strategic action and communication.

Through this project, new tools and techniques have been documented and developed to help people experience breakthrough change and fulfill their basic human needs in positive ways.  

Human needs psychology is a part of this project.  By studying our own needs, and how we are fulfilling them, we can get a better understanding of our own actions and behaviors.

People act and react to situations in ways that seem to be inappropriate, confusing and sometimes even self destructive.  What motivates us to act?  The simple answer is that we all act to meet our basic human needs. According to Human Needs Psychology, there are 6 basic needs we meet on a consistent basis:

1. Certainty.  We have the need to feel certain, secure, and safe.  Some people find this certainty in their jobs, relationships, house, etc.  When we lose this sense of certainty, it's like loosing the footing under our feet.   

2. Variety.  Just as we need certainty, we also have a need for variety.  If we did not have variety in life, we would be bored and unstimulated.  Variety excites us. 

3. Significance. We all need to feel significant, that our life matters, has meaning, and we are valued and important to others. 

4. Love and Connection.  Not only are there emotional needs for love and connection, our very physiology and health are tied in to our ability to find love and connection.   

5. Growth.  Life is constant growth.  Look at every living thing around you.  In the absence of growth, there is death.   

6. Contribution. We are compelled to contribute beyond ourselves, and contribution is a key to happiness.  

We meet these needs for ourselves, in our relationships, jobs, friendships and other areas.  We can meet these needs in positive or negative ways.  Your two most important needs determine the direction of your life.   

What are your most important needs?  How are they impacting your life? 

Contact me for a free test to determine your most important needs. 

As a Strategic Interventionist, I help you meet your needs in a positive way.  When your needs are being met in a positive way, you are happier, healthier and more fulfilled.     


Many of our resources remain locked away in our unconscious mind.  Hypnosis unlocks these resources, and allows us to make these resources available.  

I am certified in Advanced Language Patterns, NLP and Hypnosis from the NLP Institute of California and have studied The Architecture of Hypnosis with Mike Mandel. I have been certified as a Hypnotherapist by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. 


Hiking is used for fitness and coaching.  You will achieve higher levels of fitness and improved mental clarity as we explore trails around the Bay Area.  Hiking will be part of your fitness and coaching regimen.  

Personal Training

Using trails and local fitness centers, we will work to build your body to a peak level of mental and physical fitness. Following your baseline tests, I will develop an exercise program designed to improve your asymmetries and imbalances, and help you build a fit, powerful and vibrant body.  

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