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Personal Training


Functional Movement  For Active Lives 

Give yourself access to a wider variety of life experiences through individual and group training. 


Individual: This program builds the body to a peak state of balance and functional movement. It incorporates multiple modes of exercise designed to build strength, agility, power and posture. Committed and dedicated individuals will find themselves reaching new levels of physical achievement, balance and strength. 

Groups: Functional Movement class is aimed at improving each participant’s strength, flexibility and balance with progressive exercises that safely strengthen core muscles and other major muscle groups while heightening body awareness. By partnering balance training with core development, participants improve their functional movement and minimize their risk of injuries and falls. 

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Nature Training - Train on Trails

I will teach you how to prepare for nature, how to be safe, alert and aware.  The trails challenge us mentally and physically.  Every step is important, especially on precarious trails.  

  • Learn proper footing, balance and breathing.  
  • Build your core 
  • Prepare for trail runs
  • Learn proper nutrition and hydration for long hikes
  • Challenge yourself in nature!

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