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Guided Meditation

Relaxation and Stress Management


Using guided imagery, participants enter in to a peaceful and calming state designed to take them on a relaxing and healing mental journey.

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Guided Meditation - Individual

 Individual Guided Meditation is designed to help generate positive change and overcome limiting beliefs and personal challenges. Participants will learn how to meditate, and how to continue to incorporate these techniques in to their daily lives. 

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Guided meditation - Couples

Learning how to meditate as a couple can have profound healing and growth effects on your relationship. Couples meditation can help you empower each other, build your connection, and grow a deep and lasting bond. 

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Guided meditation - Groups

The Guided Meditation Program for Groups is designed to address areas of growth and healing through group meditation. These programs are designed to help a group deal with a common issue, such as stress management, or to enhance confidence and momentum.