Old San Pablo Trail - San Pablo Reservoir

Location: East Bay Mud North Watershed - Orinda

Trails Featured: Orinda Connector Trail, Orsan Trail, Old San Pablo Trail

Photo Map

Trail Map

Total Mileage: 3.31 Miles

Total Ascent/Descent: 940 Feet


This hike was taken on May 17, 2011.  

This is a nice out and back hike or run with limited elevation change and a beautiful canopy on most of the trail.  There is a place to park just at the trail head, right off the intersection of Bear Creek Road and Camino Pablo.  You'll see the trail, and you'll have to sign in and enter your EBMUD permit number and license plate number.  

Starting out at the Orinda connector Trail, you'll see this:

At .22 Go straight on to the Orsan Trail.  There are some beautiful old trees along the trail, with lots of bird activity.  Also, much of the hike is along the San Pablo Reservoir, so you'll hear and see quite a few water birds.  

At .57 Trail turns in to Old San Pablo Trail.  On your right is an EBMUD maintenance site.

At 1.22 Cross the gravel road and continue

Nice Canopies throughout this hike

At 1.47 Cross Bridge

At 1.64 Old San Pablo Trail ends.  At this point it turns in to Inspiration Trail. Turn around here.

On return, at 3.07, continue on to Orinda Connector Trail.  Continue on until you're back to the start of your hike, at 3.31 miles.