The Sea Foam Trails

Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area is a nice place to bring out of town visitors for a combination hike and picnic.  The picnic area is nestled under towering Eucalyptus trees, has a nice, clean bathroom, and a big area to romp around in.  Before you eat, you can take a hike on the Sea Foam trails, and see some beautiful Oaks and Bay trees.  

This is a small park with only a few trails.  My route started at the parking area.  I followed the Laurel Loop Trail to Lower Sea Foam Trail, then took the Upper Sea Foam Trail up the hill to the oak grove.  Take some time to enjoy the oaks.  The climb up is the only real strenuous part of this hike.  I followed the Upper Sea Foam Trail to the Kennedy Creek Trail.  You can take a left here, and go back to the picnic area.  Or, you can continue on and take the Black Oak Loop.  This short little loop takes you through even more beautiful and established Oaks.There is a picnic area in these Oaks too.  

Sea Foam Trail map.jpg

Path of the hike

Seafoam Trail 12_27_12 26.jpg

Seafoam Trails

Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area