The Trails of Glendalough, Ireland

If your travels ever take you to Ireland, then journey up to Glendalough, in County Wicklow. There, you'll find the remains of a 6th century monastic settlement.  The lazy way to wander about is to take the Green Road trail, which passes the lower lake and touches the shoreline of the upper lake.  You'll pass through the old settlement and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the water.  

This is a history experience, along with a hike, and you'll get a true sense of the history of the place as you wander through the cemetery and around the lakes.  There is a visitor center with food and bathrooms. Numerous tours leave from Dublin, so visit Glendalough on your next trip there.  

The Round Tower. The opening is about 3.5 meters above the ground. The monks used to hide in here when threatened.

The main gate to the settlement. You can sense the history that walked through this gate.

Little Irish cottage by the Upper Lake.

Well maintained trails here.

Much of the walk is through beautiful Irish forest

A rare sunny day exposes more of the forest.

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Wicklow Mountains National Park

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Ancient Stones

Glendalough, Ireland