Remembering Veterans

Roberts Regional Recreation Area is a beautiful place to hike and relax. Just off the main parking area, to the right as you drive in, is a monument to the Japanese Veterans of World War II. It's a peaceful location to reflect on the sacrifices so many have made so we can live our lives in peace and relative tranquility. To all our veterans, especially you Dad, thank you for all you have done for our country.

The plaque says: "Dedicated on August 7, 1992 by E Company veterans of the 442nd regimental combat team, the most decorated United States Army unit of WW II. The all volunteer 442nd regimental combat team was composed of Americans of Japanese ancestry, from the territory of Hawaii, and the United States, many that volunteered from American concentration camps, in to which these citizens had been forcefully evacuated by the United States government in 1942."

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