Tate, Toyon and Golden Spike

One morning, when the light was good for photography, I decided to find a local trail that I hadn't visited before.  The Golden Spike Trail was created in 1965, by a group of kids working with the Oakland Probation department.  There is a little monument to this on the trail.  

The trail is right next to a horse stable,  and there are a few signs of horses you might just want to avoid.  You'll smell the stables on parts of the Tate and Golden Spike trails.  In addition, Golden Spike is near Redwood road, so you'll occasionally hear cars zoom by.  However, there is a lot of beauty in this short hike.  Graceful Bays and twisted, ancient Oaks are all over these trails.  Nature can't paint a bad picture.  


Start at the Big Bear Staging Area

Cross the street

Bear Left on to Golden Spike Trail

Right on to Toyon Trail

Left on to West Ridge Trail

Left on to Tate Trail

Left on to Golden Spike Trail

Bear Right on Golden Spike back to start


2.38 miles 

Golden Spike - Tate - Tonyon - West Ridge 1 24 13 90.jpg

Golden Spike

Redwood Regional Park