Redwood Regional Park - Spring 2013 - Valley Scenes

This winter has been dryer than usual.  I visited Redwood Regional Park on April 6th to take some pictures of Redwood Creek and the feeder streams, but found them to be dry or flowing very lightly.  Luckily, the light was perfect.  It was actually raining, and I had to keep a large bag over the camera to keep it dry.  These are some scenes of Tres Sendas and French Trails.  

One of the best places to enter the park is via the

Moon Gate off Skyline Blvd.

   There is not as much parking here as the Skyline gate staging area, but Tres Sendas Trail is right off the Moon Gate.  Start at Moon Gate, and take a left on the West Ridge Trail.  You'll pass a few houses on your left as you make your way to the trail.  Tres Sendas Trail is on the right.  This trail drops you in to the valley of Redwood Regional Park.  

Print off a map

before you go, because there is not a map stand at this trailhead.  

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The rain made the moss and foliage much more vibrant

View of the Redwoods across the valley floor

A wet mist added a bit of atmosphere...

Redwood Regional Park 14.jpg

Redwood Forest

Redwood Regional Park