Oursan Trail from Hampton Gate, EB Mud, January 26, 2016

  • Location: East Bay Mud North Watershed, Trail Permit Required
  • Route: From Hampton Staging Area, follow the Hampton Trail .06 miles to Oursan Trail. Take Oursan Trail to your right. I traveled approximately 3.6 miles, and returned the same route. Hikers can travel the entire trail around the Briones reservoir from this point. The full navigation around the reservoir from Hampton Gate is approximately 13 miles, connecting with Bear Creek Trail along the way. 
  • Mileage: 7.16 miles on this hike. 
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate, with 644 feet of elevation gain on the distance I hiked. 
  • Description: Travel along a wide fire road trail along ridge lines and through clusters of undisturbed oaks and buckeyes. This is a very quiet trail, and it can get slick and wet after rains. The solitude reveals more nature, and encountering deer, rabbit and coyote is not uncommon. 
  • Trail Map: Download Trail Map
  • Trailhead and Parking: End of Hampton Road

Oursan Trail-88.jpg

Oursan Trail

Oursan Trail from Hampton Gate