Bear Creek Trail - Briones Reservoir

Bear Creek is a pleasant and senic hike, with ample views of the reservoir as you hike along the shore.

Trails Taken - Bear Creek Trail

Mileage - 3.8 miles (One way)

Trailhead - Started at Bear Creek staging area, finished at Overlook staging area.

Notes and Impressions - 

Started out in a little brush, but trail opened for a little, and I saw this unique tree right in the field to the left of the trail:

I hiked for approximately .56 miles, and reached the "real"start of the Bear Creek trail, which then follows along the reservoir for the rest of the hike.  

The trail is mostly shaded and very pretty, and at about  1.05, there is a nice bench to relax upon.  

1.17 In a wooded shaded area with lots of bay trees, brush, mossy covered stumps

1.21 Big old bay trees on the right

1.29 Really pretty section, but the whole trail is quite nice so far

1.32 Trail is single track, lots of beautiful mossy covered trees, ferns, lush grasses

1.42 Trail is going in to gradual, comfortable incline

1.51 Bear Creek Road  is on left, fairily close and above the trail, about 20 meters to left

1.59 Trail hugs road for a bit

1.62 Beautiful oak and bay trees on right between you and reservoir as you hike on this narrow path, trees hoover over you but you still hear traffic on left

1.80 Still hugging road but not much traffic, for the most part it's quiet

1.94 Beautiful twisted oak at this spot

2.11 On left is fire trail on right is Bear Creek trail, so stay on Bear Creek

2.14 Great shot of reservoir as you climb this hill

2.17 Another georgous grove of old oaks

2.26 Nice grove with two benches, take a snack and some water

2.28 Really nice views of water

2.31 Beautiful hawk just flew right over my head

2.33 Trail crosses fire road, just go across road

I met some nice guys here from the East Bay Trail Dogs, and they were working on the trail

2.86 Going through really pretty canopy here

2.96 Bay trees are criss crossing above you, laying on top of one another

3.34 Pretty trail with nice view of water on right,  looks like a barn across the water

3.37 Bench and nice view

3.39 Pretty view of reservoir, walking through pine trees

3.47 Rounding reservoir, beautiful trail, seeing Manzanita brush

Beautiful views on right,, to left is steep hillside with dense trees

3.67 hardly anyone out there, stunning

3.70 Take left to overlook staging area, (don't go on Orsan trail unless you want a really long hike)

3.76 arrive at staging area

No real elevation challenges

Beautiful, mostly covered trail 

Occassionally you'll hear cars on bear creek road, but you'll lose yourself in this trail