Riche Loop Trail

Over the years in this .7 mile loop, I've seen rabbits, deer and even a coyote...

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Location: South Watershed

Trailhead: Valle Vista Staging Area


Trails Taken - Riche Loop Trail  

Mileage- .7 miles

Trailhead - Valle Vista Staging area, portable toilet, no water

Notes and Impressions - This is a nice little loop for running or hiking with kids.  I took my kids on this trail when they were younger.  I often see little rabbits hop across the path as I walk or run.  They quickly dive in to the thick brush to hide from the ever present hawks that circle overhead.  Since this is next to the Upper San Leandro Reservoir, you'll have a chance to see and hear a nice variety of waterbirds.  In the middle of this loop is a meadow that hosts trees, brush and is a sanctuary for all sorts of chirping and squaking creatures, and the creatures that prey on them.  I took this picture on the Riche Loop back in November of 2007.  He was just looking for dinner, and he left us quite alone. 


Then, there is the mystery of the missing house.  What you'll see from the trail are old, overgrown Indiana Jones kind of steps, leading to nothing.  Who ever built these steps, and the house they led to, are long gone. All that's left is a conversation starter, especially with kids.  Have fun on this trail.


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