Redwood Forest Hike

This is such a beautiful hike any time of year, but in the spring it really bursts with life and beauty.  The streams are spectacular, and they form little waterfalls after a period of heavy rain.  

See the Photo Map here

Location: Redwood Regional Park

Trails Taken - Starting out at the Moon gate, off Skyline blvd, I took the West Ridge Trail to the left.  Not too far up the trail, I took a right on the Tres Sendas Trail.  Next, I took a right on the French Trail, another right on the Redwood Peak trail, and a final right back on the West Ridge Trail back to the Moon gate.   

Mileage- 2.34 miles (Heavy canopy) Total Ascent/Descent 4013 feet

Trailhead - Moon Gate staging area, off Skyline Blvd. in Oakland.

Notes and Impressions - 

Starting out at Moon Gate

Took a left on West Ridge, Valley below, trail is muddy after a week of rain, but not too bad, houses on left, heading to Tres Sendas Trail.

Just getting started, .11, and there is a stream across the trail, and path is the width of a car

.14 Taking a Right on Tres Sendas Trail

Heading down Tres Sendas, and there is a stream going down it, following the curve of the trail

Sun is peeking out after a night of rain, but trail is muddy, and stream is loud and vibrant

Some Eucs on my left, some mossy Bay Trees on right

The middle of the trail is a stream, at .25, and on the right of the trail is the stream

.37 Trail is incredibly lush and bursting with life, trees are covered with moss, ferns everywhere, and the stream is raging

.41 Stream is going right down the side of the trail

.44 Steam is right next to the trail, trail is muddy with exposed roots and rocks, but beautiful in this weather

.48 Still on Tres Sendas, but stream dug out a gully in the trail, then it goes across the trail in to a larger stream on the left

.53 On Tres Sendas a giant Bay Tree has fallen across the trail, and I have to climb through it

.60 Taking a Right on French Trail from Tres Sendas

.59 Stream goes right across the French Trail, and there is a pretty little waterfall about 5 feet tall

Everything is rich and vibrant, ferns are lush and clean from the rains, streams are flowing like crazy, rocks are covered with moss, and I'm climbing up the French Trail

.69 On French Trail, crossing stream again

.76 Still on French Trail, left the stream area, nice soft path right through the Redwood Forest

.77 Away from stream now, I can hear some Jays squawking, don't hear stream as much anymore

.87 This part of the trail is a Redwood Forest, with lots of Bay Trees and Redwoods, very quiet and beautiful, everything looks green and lush from the rains

.97 This part of French Trail is a bit rocky, Bay Trees are covered in moss, lots of Redwoods

1.02 On French Trail, taking a right on to Redwood Peak Trail

1.04 On Redwood Peak Trail, there is a little bit of mist and fog, creating a stunning setting with ferns, moss and Redwoods

1.07 on Redwood Peak Trail, climbing up some steps of rock and root

1.12 As I climb Redwood Peak  Trail, nice clusters of Bay Trees, and trees with red bark

Seems that a lot of Redwood Peak Trail is exposed rock and root, pretty technical trail, but the Bay Trees have that haunted forest look, they're twisted, clustered and covered in moss,and it's kind of dark, so it's a bit eerie in the fog

1.17 on Redwood Peak Trail, and the trail is very narrow here, lots of Bay Trees, seeing fewer Redwoods

Watching a couple of Chickadees taking a bath in a little puddle on the trail

1.33 Following the trail marker to the West Ridge Trail, at this point there are still Redwoods, Bay Trees

1.45 Taking a Right on West Ridge Trail

1.61 Just past the Redwood Bowl, and passed a class of kids out on a hike with Teachers and a Naturalist

1.78 Just crossing the road leading to Chabot Science Center

1.85 West Ridge Trail is right behind the Chabot Science Center, you can literally touch it

1.90 This part of West Ridge Trail is a bit noisy with cars from the road, seeing some Eucs, Bay Trees, Pines

1.97 This part of West Ridge Trail is partially exposed

2.05 West Ridge Trail crosses an road to the back parking lot of Chabot Science Center

2.07 Little grove of Eucs on left, somebody left their dog poop in a bag on the trail

2.34 End of Hike