Stream Trail Loop

Location: Redwood Regional Park, East Bay Mud Watershed (Redwood Trail)

Trails: Redwood Trail, East Ridge Trail, Canyon Trail, Stream Trail, Prince Trail

Trail map(s): East Bay Mud, Redwood Regional Park

Photo Map

Mileage:  5.3 miles, Total Ascent: 5152 feet, Total Descent: 5232 feet

Details:   I thought we were going to have one of those storms that comes and goes quickly, but it rained throughout this hike, sometimes heavily.  However, it was a great hike, with over 5000 feet of elevation change and wonderful scenery.  I decided to try something new this time.  I carried a video camera along with a still camera, and filmed the intersections where trails met.  The video below is a combination of video and still images.  

I started out by parking at the intersection of Canyon Road and Pinehurst Road.  You can park just off the road there, or you can add .5 mile of trail by parking at the Valle Vista Staging Area and hiking from the start of Redwood Trail.  This hike traverses on both East Bay Mud land and East Bay Parks land.  So, you'll need an East Bay Mud trail pass, which you can get here.   The first part of this hike is a serious but beautiful climb through Redwoods and Bay Trees.  At the end of Redwood Trail, you'll find a gate in to Redwood Regional Park.  Going through the gate takes you on to East Ridge Trail, a wide, fire road type trail. Take a Left on to East Ridge Trail You'll hike the East Ridge Trail until you get to Canyon Trail.  Taking a right on to Canyon Trail takes you down in to the lush, Redwood heavy part of the park.   Canyon Trail is downhill, and you'll end up at the Orchard parking area, which is loaded with picnic tables, barbques, bathrooms and a map stand.  Keep to your right, and get on to the Stream Trail.  This part of the Stream Trail takes you through some nice Redwoods,  Bay Trees, and an assortment of play areas, shelters, bathrooms and picnic areas.  This is a very tame part of the park, and part of Stream Trail is paved.   If you plan your trip right, you should stop and eat your lunch or a snack here.  Continuing on Stream Trail, you'll cross a bridge and come to the intersection of Stream Trail and Prince Trail.  Take Prince Trail to the right, and it will lead you back up to East Ridge Trail.  Take a right on East Ridge back to the original gate you came through, at Redwood Trail.  Go through the gate again (Left here) and follow Redwood Trail back to where you started. This last bit of hiking is pleasurably downhill.  

Video: This video follows the route, and incorporates some still images as well:

Images: While the rain made it difficult to take pictures, the light was nearly perfect, so I'm happy with the images I did get: