Hike to Brittle Leaf, Anthony Chabot Regional Park

The hike to the Brittle Leaf Trail takes you to a nice bench among the Manzanitas, and a beautiful view of an Oak filled canyon.  

  • Location: Bort Meadow Staging Area, Anthony Chabot Regional Park
  • Route: From the staging area, follow MacDonald Trail 1.14 miles to Broken Leaf Trail. Take a right on Broken Leaf Trail, and walk through the forest .14 miles to the bench, and enjoy soaring birds and the view. 
  • Mileage: 2.6 miles round trip, 804 feet elevation gain
  • Difficulty Level: East, some climbs on a wide fire road. Brittle Leaf is a short single track trail. 
  • Description: Nice lazy day hike for conversation or solitude. Runners, hikers and bikers abound on this trail. 
  • Trail Map
  • Trailhead and Parking: Bort Meadow Staging Area

From the Bort Meadow staging area, take the MacDonald Trail, off to your right as you face the valley.  Before you start, look up over the valley and you'll probably see hawks circling, looking for their next meal.  The valley below contains the Bort Meadow/Big Trees group camp, which is used by groups for picnics and overnight camping.  

Go through the gate and start your hike. 

The MacDonald trail is a wide, fire road trail, popular with mountain bikers and trail runners.  It's got some ruts and minor channels from past rain runoff, so be careful with your steps.  

As you hike, you'll notice some nice clusters of Oaks on your right.  

At about 1.23 miles, you'll reach the Brittle Leaf Trail, on your right.  

You'll have a very short little hike down a narrow path to the end of the Brittle Leaf Trail.  No bikes are allowed on this trail (it's very narrow and a bit overgrown).

At the end of the trail is a bench, with beautiful views across and oak studded valley.  

You'll be sitting in a Manzanita grove, so take some time to look at these unique and beautiful shrubs.

When you're ready, head back up the Brittle Leaf Trail to the MacDonald Trail, and take a left.

Follow the MacDonald Trail downhill back to the staging area.  About half way back, you can sit on this bench and watch the hawks over the valley.

Going to Brittle Leaf Trail is uphill, and the return trip is all down hill.  This hike won't take you long, especially if you run it.  But it's a perfect Sunday morning stroll, especially if you get there early.  Enjoy!

Hike to Brittle Leaf Vista 65.jpg

Hike to Brittle Leaf

Anthony Chabot Regional Park