Alton Baker Park and Pre's Trail

Steve Prefontaine was an American middle and long distance runner, who inspired millions with his efforts and successes.  He won the NCAA Division 1 cross country championships three times, and made the cover of Sports Illustrated when he was just 19.  

While travelling in Europe, he was inspired by the style of the trails, and encouraged local officials in the University of Oregon college town of Eugene to build a similar trail.  The trail was finished just 4 months after his early death in a car accident.  His legacy continues on this beautiful trail, which is a must visit for any runner going to Eugene.  

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The trail is located in Alton Baker Park, next to the University of Oregon's Autzen stadium.  Much of the trail is covered in bark chips, and winds through the beautiful forests around the stadium.  As you run on this trail, you'll notice how pleasant and soft the trail feels on your feet, and it gives a surprising bounce to each step.  

If you have the good fortune to be visiting Eugene, take some time to run on this trail.  It's a very rewarding experience. 

  • Location: Alton Baker Park, Eugene, Oregon
  • Route: 
  • Mileage: 4.07 miles
  • Difficulty Level: soft, easy level surface makes you feel like you're floating as you run
  • Description: The bark mulch surface softens the trail, generating less impact on the joints as you walk or run. Enjoy the experience of this trail and meet many friendly runners and walkers looking for the same thing.   
  • Trail Map
  • Trailhead and Parking:
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Pre's Trail

Alton Baker Park



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