Hayward Regional Shoreline

Have you ever been approaching the San Mateo Bridge from the east, on your way to work, and wondered what that brown shingled building was all about?

Trails Taken - SF Bay Trail, Cogswell Marsh.  You can access this trail via EBRPD property, or via the Hayward Interpretive Center.  If the center is open, go there, and you'll be able to see numerous exhibits about the area wildlife and history.  

Mileage - 3-5 miles, easy, gravel packed trails for bikes, hikers and runners

Trailhead - (Look for that nice, brown shingled building, that's the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center).

From Highway 880: 
Exit from 880 onto Hwy 92 West toward the San Mateo Bridge. 
Exit on Clawiter Road/Eden Landing Road
Go straight through the light (Do not turn onto Clawiter)
Make the first left onto Breakwater Avenue.
Go all the way to the end of the street.

Notes and Impressions - Before I drove out for this hike, I checked the tide maps to make sure I was visiting at low tide.  That's the best time to see the water birds feeding, and I wanted to capture as much of that as possible.  What I didn't check was the weather.  I was about a mile in when it started to downpour.  I had to jam my camera under my jacket and pull it out when I saw something I wanted to photograph, so that was a challenge.  I was astounded by the beauty and variety of birdlife.  In addition, it wasn't until I reviewed my images that I observed a fox, very well camoflagued, hunting Willits.   This is a special trail.  Make sure you check the tide charts before going, and visit during low tide.   

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