Rimer Creek Trail

Parts of this trail and King's Canyon Loop help me imagine what the horse and carriage routes might have been like 150 years ago in California.   There were probably some great roads with canopies of oak and Bay trees, like you'll find on these trails.  

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Trails Taken - Starting out at the Valle Vista staging area, head east toward the King's Canyon trail.  Initially the path takes you on the Riche trail, but then you'll see a little path that drops down to a little forest of pine trees.  Take this, then cross the bridge over Moraga Creek.  Just across the bridge, the trail starts on your left. You'll follow Rimer Creek for a while, and the trail has some nice trees and canopies.  Eventually, you'll connect with the Rocky Ridge trail.  Take a right on the Rocky Ridge trail for a bit of a climb.  You'll reach a point where you can either go straight on the Rocky Ridge trail, or take a right (also on the Rocky Ridge trail).  Take a right here, and go down hill to the King's Canyon Loop trail.  Take a right here, and you'll head back across the bridge and back to the staging area.  

Mileage - 3.37 miles

Trailhead - Start at the Valle Vista staging area, toilet here, but no water

Notes and Impressions -

Rimer Creek Trail is one of those easy Sunday morning kind of hikes.  It's short enjoyable hike with opportunities to see grazing horses, and numerous water birds and raptors.  This trail can get very soggy after rains.  



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