Tilden Park - Wildcat Peak

We took this hike on a Sunday, and ran in to lots of people with the same idea. This is a pleasant hike with some reasonable uphill climbs,certainly easy enough for the pack of Cub Scouts we encountered.  

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Trails Taken - I suggest exploring the area before you hike.  We wandered around a bit, took the Jewel Trail across the bridge, connected to the Sylvan Trail, then got on the Wildcat Peak Trail.  We followed the Wildcat Peak Trail to the summit of Wildcat Peak.  We continued on the Wildcat Peak Trail past the Peace Grove and took a right on Laural Canyon Road.  We continued to Loop Road and visited the Little Farm.  There are bathrooms and water there.  Then, you can take the final stroll back to the parking area.

Mileage - 3.57 miles, total ascent 1712', total descent 1736'

Trailhead - Bathroom and water at the Education center

Notes and Impressions - 

Starts out with lots of Eucalyptus on this part of trail, and Bay trees, some Pine trees

Incline starting, going through tall Eucs, almost all Euc forest

.87 under a lot of canopy, mostly Eucs , very thick brush on both sides of trail, lots of undergrowth

1.04 passing hikers and trail runners

1.2 miles still climbing

1.21 miles seeing little side trails here

Parts of trail are dry and cracked, parts are muddy

1.33 trail opens up and more sun exposure, nice views of canyons and SF Bay, and winds kick up here

1.3 miles steep drop on left

1.95 At Wildcat peak, lots of people,  including cub scouts and their parents.  There are great views here of the Bay, reservoir, Mt. Diablo

2.08 Peace grove and lots of Sequoias

2.23 Heading down Laural Canyon road, lots of brush, trail is a little muddy but easily passable

2.43 Down among oaks, off the hill top, hills are choked with brush

2.49 Nice grove of Oak trees and Bay trees on left

2.51 Still going downhill...seeing oaks, very pretty

Down lower you hear jays and see more Oak, Pines, Bay trees, shrubs, heavy brush

Trail is pretty accessible, safe and busy, even for a beautiful Sunday in January

3.0 Back to Euc forest,  feeling cooler in the Eucs

3.09 Crossing bridge and listening to creaks and moans of the Eucs rubbing together

3.2 Lots of fallen trees, but pretty in this light

3.3 On Laural Canyon Road toward visitor center

3.34 Farm

3.42 Back in parking lot



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