Redwood trail to East Ridge trail


This beautiful journey starts at the Valle Vista staging area, and takes you through forest of Redwood, Oak and Bay trees.

Trails Taken -I Started at the Valle Vista staging area.  After signing in (East Bay Mud, Permit Required) I went right to the Redwood trail  The Redwood trail takes you through EB Mud land and up to Redwood Regional Park.  There are two sections of the Redwood trail.  From Valle Vista to Pinehurst, you'll see a variety of trees on this up and down trail, and occasionally hear sounds from passing cars on Moraga Road down below.  The first part of the trail is X miles, then I crossed a bridge and came to Pinehurst Road.  You'll see the continuation of the trail across the road, starting at the grove of giant eucalyptus trees.  I'm not a huge fan of Eucs, but they disappear soon enough.  The hike from this point to the intersection of Redwood trail and East Ridge trail is all up hill.  I followed the trail through the switch backs up this hill to the connection with East Ridge trail.  From this point, hikers can explore the whole of Redwood Regional Park.  However, I choose to follow East Ridge to Prince trail.  This was a mostly flat hike along a ridge line.  There were some beautiful canopies, and I saw the occasional hiker and biker.  Once I reached Prince, I turned around and went back.

Mileage - 5.57 miles, Total Ascent 3118' Total Descent 3129'

Trailhead - Valle Vista staging area, pit toilets but no water, bring your own.

Notes and Impressions - 

Starting out on Valle Vista to Redwood trail by heading west (right as you face sign in box).

Climb short but steep hill to trail split.  Take Redwood trail to the right.  To the left is pinehurst trail, which is now closed.

.28 Lots of bird activity in the brush and trees

Nice moss covered bay trees

.35 forest floor is covered with ferns, lots of moss on stumps, nice pretty trees

See an old gate where a fence used to be

.53 nice canopy, cool climate, everything looks health, but seeing some cut back brush

Nice grove of redwoods

.68 crossing bridge heading to Pinehurst road

At intersection Pinehurst road and Canyon Road,  lots of Eucs and redwoods mixed together

Much heavier and darker, more Redwoods and fewer Eucs on the other side of the trail

Bridge, water level below 3 feet  

.81 Rest of trip is uphill, but beautiful, Redwoods mixed with Bay trees at this point

.84 trail switches back and forth in the climb, nice groves of Redwoods

.91 nice mossy twisted bay tree

.94 Old moss covered stump in grove of Redwoods

.99 Lots of Euc brush

1.05 more Bay trees and Redwoods

1.08 beautiful grove of Redwoods on left, could be surrounding remains of an original giant

1.31 still climbing through nice Redwoods

1.35 Redwoods, ferns, Bay, Oak, cut brush, lots of stuff that's been chainsawed out

1.44 at intersection of Redwood trail and East Ridge trail, see fewer Redwoods, heading in to EBRPD

Wide fireroad, Redwoods on right and Oaks and Redwoods on left

1.57 Lots of jays squaking and more intense sun

1.6 Nice vistas, bench coming up, time for more sun block

1.69 Bench for "Polly Strand", but bushes block view from where you sit

Trail is really cleared, brush pushed back, very wide for trucks

1.76 valley on left is beautiful, hawks circling, stunning

Heading toward prince road and will turn around there

This part of East Ridge trail has nice canopies and trees curling over,  very peaceful, lots of bird activity

Still on east ridge, very pretty but no signs of anyone

1.54 passed bikers on East Ridge trail

2.77 at intersection of Prince road and East Ridge

3.17 on my way back, sun is hot and bright, tripod getting heavy and lunch sounds good

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