Hike to Olofson Ridge - Mt. Diablo State Park

  • Location: Mount Diablo State Park
  • Route: This is a "T" shaped hike. From the Mitchell Canyon Staging Area, follow Mitchell Canyon Road to Red Road. Turn Right on to Red Road. Follow Red Road to Olofson Ridge Road. Take a Left on to Olofson Ridge Road and hike to the end of the trail. Return to the "T" split, and continue on to the other side of Olofson Ridge Road. Go to the end here too if you choose, (1.6 miles additional). Return back and take Red Road back to Globe Lilly Trail, which runs parallel to Mitchell Canyon Trail. Follow this narrow, single track trail to a short Right on to Black Point Trail, and Left on Mitchell Canyon Road to the staging area. 
  • Mileage: My distance was 7.42 miles with an elevation gain of 1268 feet. 
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to strenuous, with some climbs
  • Description: Travel wide fire roads up along the western part of the park, and be rewarded with stunning views of Mitchell Canyon. 
  • Trail Map: MDIA Map
  • Trailhead and Parking:

olofson Mt. Diablo State Park-87.jpg

Olofson Ridge

Mount Diablo State Park